Introduction of Shunde Desheng Primary School

Basic Information

       Founded by Deming Education Investments Co., LTD in September 2002.

       A non-profit private primary school.

       Originally named Jiaxin Xishan Primary School.

       Awarded Guangdong First Grade School and National Advanced Private School.

       Total of 81 classes, 3782 students, and 486 employees.

       Total of 236 excellent teachers who have college degrees or above. There are 4 master degree teachers, 179 bachelor degree teachers, 6 junior school senior teachers, 101 elementary school senior teachers, 1 special grade teacher , 6 foreign teachersand more than 140 dormitory teachers.

       Fully equipped according to the provincial level A school standards, annually upgrade the environment and teaching equipment of the school.


School Philosophy

       Leadership inspires us, goals encourage us, achievements complete us, pay attracts us, culture forms us, and sincerity connects us.

       To shape healthy childrens personalities.

       To teach is to touch a life forever.

       To cultivate versatile talents with holistic education.

       Good habits, good life.

       Learning to be, learning to know, learning to live together, learning to do, and learning to create.


School Features

       Moral Education: In order to cultivate good habits and noble sentiments in our students, we insist on carrying out activities like ‘Good habits, good life and Honor Day.

       Chinese Teaching: We have introduced Subject Reading Experiment Research’, which creates a reading feature that comprehensively improves the quality of Chinese teaching and cultivates the students’ humanistic quality.

       Math Teaching: ‘The Elementary School Students Basic Cognitive Ability Training Course’ was introduced in September 2015 for developing the intelligence of the students.

       English Teaching: In order to follow the law of language development, we have introduced Oxford English teaching materials to achieve the students comprehensive ability to use English.

       Calligraphy Education: To improve the students handwriting, they practice for ten minutes during school hours every day. Calligraphy education has spiritual significance to our students.

       Special Projects: Our school is undertaking both national and provincial level projects and has made great achievements. One of our main projects Development and Application of Experimental Classrooms received the National Second Award” in 2014.

       Oversea Activities: In order to make our school become more modern, informationalized and international, we reinforce the communication and cooperation with the other schools and absorb the excellent teaching experience, carry out exchange programmes with domestic and overseas schools every year.


School Achievements

The following are several of over 12,000 town-level honors or above that have been achieved since the school was founded.

       National Oral English Demonstration Primary School

       National Calligraphy Education Demonstration School

       Chinese Teenagers Scientific Demonstration Base

       The First Informationalized Experimental School

       National Chinese Demonstration School

       National Scholarly Campus

       Guangdong Integrative Practical Activities Model School

       Guangdong Scholarly Campus

       Guangdong Women's Civilization Station

       Foshan March 8 Red-Banner Groups

       Foshan Green School

       Food Hygiene Credibility A-class Unit


Future Outlook

Looking to the future, we will further improve the comprehensive ability to run the school and expand its achievements. We will establish a virtuous reproducible method of education and teaching in pursuit of the school’s sustainable development. We will continue to put emphasis on Moral Education and pursue excellence so that we can achieve our philosophy: "We run the school for the people. We serve the people and we contribute to the society."